Floor and Solar Update and a Bit About the Weather

Progress has been much slower than anticipated, but since I have embraced the fact that I will be doing all the work rather than hiring it out, I have come to accept the natural pace this will mean for the project.  

The extra time means I will be able to source the exact materials I want, without feeling rushed and of course, zero stress is a huge plus.


I wanted the floor to have a lot of character, yet still blend in with my vintage meets rustic style.  I found a variety of linoleum square tiles at my local Renew stores (second hand construction and home improvement source).  Each square was only about 20-40 cents.  I dreamed up a pinwheel effect and got to cutting!

Figuring out the pattern was both really fun and really frustrating until it finally came into being, a little different than the original idea, but beautiful because it was such a natural progression as I struggled to arrange the tiles inside the odd shape of the airstream.

Meanwhile, my solar panel and inverter finally came, which I will explain more in depth in another post.   Big thanks to Boise's own local Blue Lightening who came through for me on this aspect of my project!  This is the owner of the company, Greg Olson, so full of knowledge when it comes to renuable energy and so generous with his time and information!

Then....I got a little bit busy kayaking, going to Seattle a few times, making jewlery, and.....


before I knew it, it was holiday season and holiday jewelry orders were taking up most of my time......and then......Snowpocalypse of 2017 happened!

So, the Airstream Dream Studio is on hold until fairer weather....plenty of time to daydream and scheme on interesting finishes and materials.  Spring awaits!