Introducing the Airstream Dream Studio

I actually thought I would build a tiny studio, much like the adorable littles houses you see in the tiny home movement, only outfitted as a jewelry studio rather than a little abode.  I thought I'd my little studio from scratch, using a trailer as foundation and building from the floor up.  This turned out to be more challenging when considering the zoning laws in my hometown.  I realized there was a very real possibility of my tiny studio being unwelcome in my neighborhood, and what a shame to put so much time, money, and energy into a project that could get the boot by the city of Boise!

So I kept dreaming....

Last summer, I renovated a 1986 Nomad camper into an adorable glamper for myself and kids to take comfortable weekend getaways.  It went from a dark brown musty interior space to an inviting and welcoming little home away from home ready to take to the road at our whim.

I got to thinking....what about renovating a camper into a studio?

Then I remembered how much I LOVE Airstreams.  Who doesn't love Airstreams??

And then I found a 1956 Airstream Safari on Craigslist for less than $4000.  I bought it that very day and brought her home.

My dream is to create a self sustained studio run off solar power using mostly found and reclaimed materials.  This project is so inspiring and I look forward to sharing all of the renovation adventures with you here and I hope you feel inspired with me!

Be Real. Adorn Yourself. Just Be.